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Some reviews from our clients

“We had the task of rebranding the cafe and redesign all the packaging. We really glad that we have found Tom and we enjoyed working with him. He offered a lot of creative options and interesting solutions. It was necessary to coordinate work with a lot of people and make many changes. It was a big work, and Tom did everything on time. ”
— Jana Grey, Doodle inc
“We have a startup and we needed a designer, who could help us with all aspects of our identity. Tom made for us branding and a website. He has worked well its adaptability and UI/UX. It is very convenient when designer has experience with coding, he feels the web better. While making design he always thinks how it’s going to work.”
— Anna Gold, McKey inc
“Tom made series of illustrations for our article about family problems and its solutions. Illustrations have not only exact meaning what we were looking for, they were implemented with uniqueness and good feeling of style, composition, and color. We are looking forward to working with Tom on new illustrations.”
— Jack Spilberg, HBAF inc

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